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Greenaqua is a new, innovative, autonomous water monitoring system created to ease the water use and treatment in the fields of agrofood and water managing. Greenaqua will be in the market in 2018-2019.

Greenaqua will sample, incubate and test for coliform and fecal bacteria in the water, as well as send, in real time, the results and alarms to any device. Greenaqua tests for presence/absence as well as it performs the first automatized, autonomous quantifying test for this parameter.

The system is designed to minimize the effort needed to keep on with the water analysis regulations that, due to the specialized work force required and the tight time gaps, are, many times, difficult to deal with.

Thanks to Greenaqua, water treatment plants, water managing companies and governments will have a better tool to keep control on the water quality and safeness, so the food production sector benefits from it without any risks.

Greenaqua have been funded by the European Union through the SME instrument phase I program.